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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get your Data on the Go with Dropbox

Dropbox ( is an easy to use and free desktop application and web service, which helps you keep your data, papers, assignments, and so on, organized and accessible from any device. It can be used on any operating system (Mac, Windows, etc.) or smartphone. If I had to suggest any one tool to college students, it would be this.

No more e-mailing yourself multiple drafts and littering your inbox with old papers and assignments, no more losing USB drives that hold all your important data, no more worrying about losing all your files because your computer got a virus and had to be rebuilt. With Dropbox, all of your important documents, assignments, pictures, and so on are backed up on the Internet for you.

Click "Read More" for some Tips on getting extra free space for your Dropbox.

Quick Tip: Dropbox starts you off with 2 gigabytes for free. To get more space, you can either upgrade to a paid version, or invite others to the service and get extra free space for each person who signs up that you've invited (smart marketing). If you sign up with a “.edu” e-mail address, you receive a total of 500mb extra per successful invitation you send (rather than the 250mb they provide non-students). Further, every person you invite gets an additional 250-500mb of space as well – so you both win.

To invite others, simply go to the Dropbox web site, sign in, and look for this link in the bottom left corner of the page . Here they provide you with several simple ways to share your link with others – by e-mail, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, or simply copying the link and sharing it manually elsewhere. To get you started with some free space out the gate, here is my referral link

Feel free to share your own links in the comments as well to earn some free space from others!

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