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Organization Hacks

Past Blog Posts on Organization and Time Management:

  • Make Your To-Do List Doable
    • Have you ever started a to-do list, only to scrap it soon after? Here are 10 great tips to using your To-Do list to guide you through your work and stay on task.
  • Keep a Planner to Stay Organized and On Task
    • Having a carefully laid out planner helps to optimize time management, and contributes to getting more done in your day. This post discusses 10 tips to using a daily planner.
  • Taking Better Notes in College: Part I
    • Taking effective notes is a critical skill that moves your projects, your career, and your education forward. Part I explores the Cornell Note-Taking method.
  • Staying Organized with Dropbox
    • Dropbox is a great application for backing up your files, documents, and folders - learn to keep them organized and improve your productivity as a result.
  • What is Dropbox?
    • I recommend everyone to download and install Dropbox - it is a great tool for any student.